Data Chaos

As an organization grows,
data assets get scattered & data people get siloed

Poor Discovery

Hard to locate, label assets, to keep track of historical versions, and tell what’s fresh.

Improper Governance

People access data they shouldn’t be seeing or data they’re not interested in.

Skillset Silos

Serial workflow causes dependencies and slows down deliveries.

SQL Queries




R Scripts

ETL Pipelines

Unified Solution

Bring consistency & efficiency
in your data projects


Singular Truth

All your SQL queries, datasets, dashboards, R scripts, centralized under one roof.

Discoverability Score

More tags, metadata, references & engagement ensure high visibility on search.

Historical Snapshots

Compare previous states of data, dashboards & older versions of queries, scripts.

Asset Relations

Visualize lineage of an asset to see how it is connected to a stream of other assets.


Data Privacy

Secure data assets by managing roles, permissions, & different levels of access.

Personalized Views

Present custom views to different stakeholders, for the same data asset.

Version Control

Merge duplicates under one umbrella, maintain multiple working copies, and re-use code.

Analyze Analytics

Know which asset is stale, which is deprecated, which is used frequently and by whom.


Team first

Collaborate on assets with entire team. Add contributors. No seat-based pricing.

Prepare & Execute

Filter, aggregate, and combine datasets. Execute queries on any database, compute metrics.


Import data assets from external systems, & integrate in our tool-agnostic platform.


Share & export data assets in different formats. Subscribe leadership to periodic reports.

I’m a believer that data collaboration is one of the missing links, and one of the important things to solve in this new big data era.

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